Team Bios
Kaj Rydman
Kaj Rydman is a senior executive and a nationally recognized expert in bio-repository and reproductive tissue bank operations, in quality and regulatory issues, with extensive experience in and knowledge of cryogenics and laboratory operations. In addition to his operational experience, his past executive roles have brought him an in-depth knowledge and experience in budgeting, financial analysis, and systems development as Chief Financial Officer. He has been an active participant in senior executive teams, preparing company for sale to private equity investors, as well as in mergers and acquisition activity.

"My work in the past few years, setting up the California Cryobank's egg donor operations and working with many egg freezing clinic partners, brought me closer to the world of reproductive tissue storage at fertility clinics, and the challenges they face with resource constraints. Determined to not let the unfortunate headlines about storage failures dominate the evening news ever again, I decided to dedicate the next chapter of my professional life to a new mission: To help fertility clinics improve their bio-repository operations, because that is what they have, a bio-repository!"