Did you know that more than 90% of shipment failures for human eggs/embryos/and sperm happen during the months of January-March each year? Why is that?

The short answer, many #IVF clinics use Common Couriers that have their centralized hubs in middle America… making them more susceptible to inclement weather and flight delays.

Once a flight is cancelled, your precious embryo/egg/sperm shipment package is put to the side in a freight container on the tarmac at the airport. That’s right… it is sitting out there in the weather… in essentially a parking lot and waiting to be routed.

The common courier will focus on all of the new incoming packages because they have to keep the train running… and your package will continue to sit for days and/or weeks until they are able to very slowing unclog the back-up of packages…. which may be too late to safely transport your tissue.

You can call the common courier over and over again and beg and plead, but the simple fact is your package is bundled with hundreds of other packages in a freight container that doesn’t allow for it to be accessed. You simply have to wait until they are able to ship that entire container to the end destination and hope that it gets there in time before the tissue thaws out.

The best method to prevent this is to STOP USING COMMON COURIERS to transfer precious human reproductive tissue and start using an IVF CRYO courier that utilizes Dedicate Medical Couriers to deliver your packages directly to the destination.

IVF CRYO only uses Dedicated Medical Couriers to ship your precious tissue from one IVF clinic to the other. “Dedicated” means that our couriers only carry your package and go directly from the IVF clinic they picked up at to the next location without any additional stops. “Medical” means that our couriers are specifically trained in the handling of reproductive tissue shipments and are allowed entry into medical facilities to pick up and deliver appropriately.

What does this mean for you?
This ensures that your sperm, eggs, and embryos are handled with great care throughout the process and provides for much safer handling than common couriers such as FedEx, UPS, and the Post Office which really are not appropriate methods of shipping reproductive tissue. By using Dedicated Medical Couriers, it means that we offer the fastest delivery times available in getting your sperm, eggs, and embryos to their new home safe and sound.

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IVFCRYO is a premium cryogenic service business specifically created and tailored to help the fertility industry mitigate the risk of specimen loss. Initially acting as a cryogenic consulting company to help advise clients on best practices, IVFCRYO has grown and expanded it’s product line to provide full service “EVERYTHING-CRYO” for the IVF industry. These services now include Specimen Shipping, Tissue Storage, Cryogenic Facility Design, Consulting, and Cryogenic Services such as Cryo-Equipment Sales/Distribution, Repairs, and Maintenance.

When IVFCRYO was created, thousands of reproductive tissue specimens (embryos, eggs, and sperm) were being lost or damaged throughout the fertility industry each year. The IVFCRYO mission at that time was simply to provide an expert voice to the discussion and help friends/business partners prevent these types of events with the very specific cryogenic fertility knowledge that makes IVFCRYO so special.

While advising hundreds of IVF fertility centers, it became very evident that the services IVFCRYO recommended didn’t exist in a way that was user-friendly, client-centric, and truly solved the problems that
IVF clinics face. Through the creation of IVFCRYO products and services, clinics now have a better and safer option for all of their cryogenic needs.

With 40+ years of experience and over a million reproductive specimens shipped, who else would you trust with your client's last embryo, oocyte, or semen specimen transfer?

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