Lab Moves

Moving your Lab to a new location? IVF CRYO provides industry leading solutions to transfer your lab equipment and cryogenic storage tanks to the new location safe and secure.

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The executive team at IVF CRYO have spent decades developing best practices within the fertility industry and specifically focused on mitigating the risk associated with cryogenic lab moves of sperm, eggs, and embryos. As such the we have shipped more than 1 million reproductive tissue devices without having a single shipment failure using our cryogenic lab move method.

Our professional staff has performed hundreds of moves dedicated to cryogenic frozen tissue specimens and lab equipment.


IVF CRYO is the only company that offers Temperature and GPS Location tracking of each cryogenic storage tank during transit. From the time we pick it up to the time it is delivered, you’ll be able to view everything with real time updates through our IVFCRYO-Sense technology and accessing the IVF CRYO website.

innovative technology ivfcryo sense device
innovative technology gps temperature monitoring


Backup equipment comes standard with every cryogenic lab move.

  • Back-up cryogenic storage tanks on-board
  • Backup LN2 supply cylinders on-board
  • Backup electrical power (2-4 generators) on each truck


  • Storage tanks are typically transferred on dollies that are specific to cryogenic equipment.
  • Storage tanks are secured in a specialized manner that protects equipment from absorbing shock
  • Staff perform manual inspections throughout the transfer

Quality and Best Practices

  • We meet all State and Federal guidelines as well as industry specific best practices
  • Quality team / Project managers oversee the entire move and document the process required for each specific client


  • Have provided insurance liability coverage in amounts up to $40 million dollars
  • Mitigate monetary risk

With 40+ years of experience and over a million reproductive specimens shipped, who else would you trust with your client's last embryo, oocyte, or semen specimen transfer?

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