IVF CRYO offers a wide range of Cryogenic Equipment and top brands such as the IVFCRYO-One, IC-Bio, and MVE, to service all of your needs. Whether you’re a small lab just getting started or large fertility network that’s expanding rapidly, we have everything you need.


The IVFCRYO-One storage unit has taken the IVF industry by storm! But what makes it so special?
The truth is.. there are so many things that make the IVFCRYO-One so special that there are too many to count. It is the attention to detail and the overall thoughtfulness of design that creates an experience that embryologist enjoy.

Running out of space in your lab?
The IVFCRYO-One has 700% more capacity than a standard small roller base unit that is typical in an IVF clinic. But yet it only takes up about the same footprint of just one roller base storage unit. So you are able to consolidate 7 standard storage units into just one of these!

Need Liquid Submersion Storage but also have a need for Vapor Storage?
The IVFCRYO-One was designed to provide the IVF industry with Liquid Submersion storage. However it is a very high efficient freezer unit that is capable of maintaining temperatures colder than -150 C, which means it may be used as a vapor tank as well.

Tired of having your embryologist spend so much time filling tanks and performing QC functions?
The IVFCRYO-One is an auto-fill unit that monitors, tracks, and stores information on just about anything you can think of! Just hook up the unit to an LN2 supply and let it do everything else. This unit measures and records the LN2 level, LN2 evaporation rate / Usage, Temperature at the lower level (bottom of your canes), Temperature at the high level (top of your canes), and a lot of other data that you would find useful.

Did we mention it has a light inside?
Yes.. that’s right. We finally solved the age old issue of not being to actually see inside the tank and actually view your tissue without a flashlight and squinting eyes. Upon opening the lid, the IVFCRYO-One will automatically begin filling for 30 seconds which clears the fog right away to offer a clear view of your cane tops (no more using vacuums and other devices to clear the fog)!

But what about ergonomics?
Wait… did someone really just consider ergonomics of an embryologist when designing a tank? Yes.. we did!!! No more rolling tank out from under shelving, bending over to access, and lifting up canisters full of heavy liquid just to see which cane to pull. Just walk right up to the IVFCRYO-One unit that tops out at counter top height and open the lid (while standing straight up). Place your cryobath and documents on the conveniently integrated tabletop and transfer your tissue directly within seconds.

What about alert notification monitoring?
The IVFCRYO-One comes with an alert notification monitoring system installed and ready to go… fully integrated and operational on day one! The unit connects to your local wifi and communicates any out of range circumstances directly via email or text messages.

What about 3rd party monitoring? Will it accommodate 3rd party vendor probes?
The answer is YES… but we do way better than that. The IVFCRYO-One is the first and only storage tank unit to come pre-installed with a 3rd party redundant monitoring system (PharmaWatch).


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IVFCRYO One Process
IVFCRYO One Process


IVFCRYO offers a full selection of IC-BIO (Taylor Wharton/Worthington) and MVE products.
Whether its the IC-BIO 35VHC, the MVE 47/11, or any other make/model, we have what you need and offer the best prices available!

L D Series
L S Series
MVE Series
MVE Series

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