IVFCRYO partners with IVF Clinics and Networks to provide storage, inventory management, distribution, and overall logistics management of your Semen, Embyro, and Oocyte tissue specimens.

At IVFCRYO, we’re more than a storage partner, we’re family. We create personal client-centric partnerships that last the test of time and cater to your specific facility needs.

Because we’re not a broker type of business that outsources services to 3rd parties, or a storage facility that is primarily focused on manufacturing and distribution of their own embryos, eggs, and semen, we’re able to provide white-glove service specifically dedicated and tailored to your facility and/or network of facilities with the best customer service available in the industry. You are not our side business, you ARE our business.

With over 40 years of experience in the reproductive tissue storage and logistics industry, we have designed/implemented best practices far above and beyond standard regulatory and certifying bodies, ensuring your client’s specimens are safe and secure at all times. We also have a host of related cryogenic and distribution services established to provide support services for your clinic.

Storage Models

We have multiple storage and management models to choose from that provide a custom solution for your facility (and or network of facilities). Ask about our flagship model “IVFCRYO-Community.” It’s our most popular model for networks and individual clinics alike.

  • Running out of cryogenic storage space and need a solution now?
  • Want to get your embryologist back to being an embryologist instead of focusing on egg, embryo, and semen inventory, storage, and distribution (along with all of the quality control and vendor management that goes along with it) ?
  • Tired of spending hours a week trying to keep up with billing and collections for client storage?
  • Interested in limiting your liability should something go wrong?
  • Want peace of mind that your client’s eggs, embryos, and semen are safe and secure?

IVFCRYO has you covered!

Interested in a new solution, but not sure what it would look like?

  • Want to keep your current space and location, but have someone manage all of the cryogenic storage, inventory, distribution, and overall logistics?
  • Want to store offsite, but still maintain user friendly experience for your staff with people you trust to protect your reproductive tissue?
  • Considering offsite storage, but hesitant to make the leap?
  • Not sure if you can afford the cost of a storage solution?

We got this!

Contact us today and let’s talk about the best solution for your facility. And don’t forget to ask about our IVFCRYO-Community model.

Contact us for more information.

With 40+ years of experience and over a million reproductive specimens shipped, who else would you trust with your client's last embryo, oocyte, or semen specimen transfer?

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