IVF CRYO is deeply saddened by the Alabama Supreme Court Ruling regarding the personhood of embryos and all but ensuring the end of IVF in Alabama due to the extreme legal risk posed to the treatment centers and staffing.

Fishers, IN (Feb 23, 2024) – IVF CRYO

IVF CRYO CEO, Don Fish, made the following statement today regarding the recent Alabama supreme court ruling.

“While it is with great sadness that IVF Fertility options in Alabama are being significantly limited (if not removed by this decision), IVF CRYO is steadfast in its mission to “Protect Future Families.”

“As the U.S. leader in reproductive tissue shipping of human Embryos, Eggs, and Sperm, IVF CRYO will continue to service patients and clinics in the state of Alabama regardless of the increased legal complexity and risk that our business now take on.”

For those patients seeking treatment and now face limited access, we stand with you and the fertility industry and will continue to support your dreams of creating a family.


IVF CRYO is a premium brand cryo-services company for egg, embryo, and sperm storage, shipping, cryobank design, cryo services for IVF fertility clinics

IVF CRYO is a premium cryogenic service business specifically created and tailored to help the fertility industry mitigate the risk of specimen loss. Initially acting as a cryogenic consulting company to help advise clients on best practices, IVF CRYO has grown and expanded it’s product line to provide full service “EVERYTHING-CRYO” for the IVF industry. These services now include Specimen Shipping, Tissue Storage, Cryogenic Facility Design, Consulting, and Cryogenic Services such as Cryo-Equipment Sales/Distribution, Repairs, and Maintenance.

When IVF CRYO was created, thousands of reproductive tissue specimens (embryos, eggs, and sperm) were being lost or damaged throughout the fertility industry each year. The IVF CRYO mission at that time was simply to provide an expert voice to the discussion and help friends/business partners prevent these types of events with the very specific cryogenic fertility knowledge that makes IVF CRYO so special.

While advising hundreds of IVF fertility centers, it became very evident that the services IVF CRYO recommended didn’t exist in a way that was user-friendly, client-centric, and truly solved the problems that
IVF clinics face. Through the creation of IVFCRYO products and services, clinics now have a better and safer option for all of their cryogenic needs.

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With 40+ years of experience and over a million reproductive specimens shipped, who else would you trust with your client's last embryo, oocyte, or semen specimen transfer?

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