IVF CRYO’s Medium Shipper

Today we want to feature our “Medium” shipper that holds ~10 canes/goblets which will fit 50-60 vials and 40-60 straw devices.

It’s perfect for transferring multiple patients tissue to another lab and have it there within 12 hours of pick-up anywhere in the U.S.

We got you covered! Learn more at www.IVFCRYO/services/shipping



IVF CRYO has many different shipper sizes that are specifically designed to fit your fertility needs. Today, we want to focus on our “Medium” shipper that holds approximately 10 canes/goblets.

This shipper has the capacity to hold up to 60 vials or 60 straw-like devices.

When we use this type of shipper, we only ship using our IC-Express Premium service which provides the safest and fastest shipment of reproductive tissue (Sperm, Eggs, and Embryo’s) available.

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With 40+ years of experience and over a million reproductive specimens shipped, who else would you trust with your client's last embryo, oocyte, or semen specimen transfer?

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