IVFCRYO-Ship Service Offers “LIVE” Temperature Tracking During Transit

IVFCRYO uses GPS and live temperature tracking when shipping eggs, embryos, oocytes, semen and all reproductive tissue

IVFCRYO uses “Live” temperature tracking on shipments, which allows for proactive adjustments while in transit to keep your eggs, embryos, and semen safe and secure until they arrive at their new home.

At IVFCRYO, we utilize the best technology combined with experienced staff and superior quality control methods to ensure your specimen arrives safely at its new home.

As such, IVFCRYO uses “Live” temperature tracking which allows us to get up-to-date information while the package is in transit. This, combined with “Live” GPS tracking, ensures that we know where your package is and the conditions of your package at any given time. This allows us the opportunity to make proactive decisions based on that information to protective your embryos, eggs, semen, and other reproductive tissue during the shipment process.

We believe this technology should be used with all reproductive tissue shipments , so IVFCRYO includes this technology is every shipment as a standard feature… no upcharge.

If you are a clinic (or network of clinics) that wants to ensure your client’s tissue is shipped in a manner that best mitigates the risk of failure, contact IVFCRYO today and ask about our IVFCRYO-Clinic Discounts!

With 40+ years of experience and over a million reproductive specimens shipped, who else would you trust with your client's last embryo, oocyte, or semen specimen transfer?

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