Something odd happened when the Alabama Supreme Court ruled in favor of personhood for embryos. All the couriers that use FedEx stopped shipping to/from Alabama.

The Alabama Supreme Court Decision to on personhood of embryos nearly shut down all IVF in the state of Alabama… but also has prevented many IVF patients from transferring their embryos and other reproductive tissue such as eggs and sperm to other clinics due to the risk of legal suit for wrongful death should there be an issue.

So what did we learn about shipping embryos as a result of this personhood ruling?

Something odd happened when the Alabama Supreme Court ruled in favor of personhood for embryos. All the couriers that use FedEx, stopped shipping to/from Alabama.

Why is that?
The answer? Common couriers like FedEx, UPS, and the USPS have policies in place that state they do not ship embryos.

So if a IVF company uses one of the common couriers listed (or a 3rd party shipping company uses them) when shipping embryos, they would be in violation of this policy.
And if a shipment should fail (which they do every year using these couriers), then all the companies involved could potentially be found negligent… and thus could also potentially see a wrongful death suit.

Even though Alabama appears to be rectifying the personhood laws, the question we should be asking is… why are clinics shipping embryos with companies that used FedEx/UPS/USPS when their policies clearly state they can’t? And won’t they be found negligent if there is a shipping failure, even if there isn’t a wrongful death suit to follow?

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