New Jersey Primed to Set Precedent on Regulatory Restrictions for Embryo Storage Facilities

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New Jersey is close to passing a bill requiring an additional license for facilities that wish to store embryos. What will this mean as other states begin to follow suit and how will this affect your operations?

It is not yet clear what the licensure will require IVF clinics and storage facilities to perform in order to mitigate the risk of #SpecimenLoss, #TankFailure, and #LegalLiability.

A few things to be certain of…

  1. This is just the beginning of legislative oversight in the U.S. regarding IVF Cryogenic Storage.
  2. Many states are likely to follow suit with similar or more restrictive requirements.
  3. IVFCryo LLC has the experience and understanding of how to mitigate the risk of cryogenic failure and specimen loss at a much higher level than any legislative and regulatory requirements.

With 40+ years of experience and over a million reproductive specimens shipped, who else would you trust with your client's last embryo, oocyte, or semen specimen transfer?

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